Day 20: Missed Connection

For today’s writing challenge, I went on Craigslist and looked at the missed connections section for some inspiration. This text was adapted from Easyjet to Inverness 25.10.18 (Gatwick).

As soon as I got on the flight, I saw you sitting there, row 1A. I had never felt so lucky in my life, as my seat was 1B. I tried to conceal the smile on my face as I approached you. I greeted you with a nod and placed my hand luggage in the overhead locker. I sat down, going over in my head, what my conversation starter should be. I was stuck between asking you about your trip to Inverness or commenting on the weather in London. Luckily you spoke up first and asked if it was my first time visiting Inverness. The conversation flowed from there, and the flight took off. We spent the whole time talking, laughing and getting to know each other.

I’ve never connected with a stranger on such a level. You read about these thing in novels and watch it on your tv, but to have to real connection is not something that happens everyday. I knew what a rarity this was and was not about to let it go. The flight landed and the seatbelt sign was switched off. I moved to the side to grab my luggage from the overhead locker and I turned around to see your back as you walked off the flight. I wanted to call out to you but realised that in the duration of the flight, not once had we exchanged names. You were too far gone for me to reach and I knew that I had missed the most spectacular connection.

Thank you for reading.

Day 19: Great Minds

I once knew a woman with a great mind. She thought of things that no one else could see. She looked at every situation and could tell you how that came to be and where it would most likely lead, and rarely was she wrong. Her abilities not only stopped with situations but went to people too, she could tell you how a person felt by just looking at them. She had no special powers, all she did was pay attention. Whilst everyone else was worrying about their own issues and problems, she was paying attention, observing people.

She was a midwife by trade, and she excelled in her field. She knew which herds and plants could ease the pain of childbirth. Of all the babies of high class born in the town, this great minded woman was the one that bought them into this world. 20 years she had been practising her trade and not once had she lost a baby. This woman’s mind worked better than all in the town, it was an honour just to converse with her. Not all in the town were in favour of her great mind, some began to conspire against her. They were jealous of the monopoly that she held in the midwifery trade. They were jealous of her success and fame. So the conspirators plotted a great plot, one that was known to so many across the country. They accused her of witchcraft. The town’s people were quick to believe the lies and to accept that only the devil could gift a woman with a great mind, when in fact her gift was from God. They sought to investigate this claim through drowning. They tied her legs and hands together and dropped her in the river. This simple test would once and for all prove if she were a witch. If she were to drown she was human, but if she were to survive she would be burnt at the stake as a witch. With hands and legs tied she could not swim, and after a few minutes she drowned.

Thank you for reading.

Day 18: Cleaning

For me, Saturday is my cleaning day. And depending on the Saturday, my routine changes, but the tasks that I do every Saturday are cleaning the bathroom and floors, and tidying up my clothes (which are usually piled on a chair). However, since watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I have become obsessed with re-assessing my life and seeing what sparks joy for me and finding new and creative ways to tidy up. If you have not watched Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I highly recommend it.

So last weekend, I did my usual cleaning of the bathroom, and the floors, and then went full on Marie and cleaned out my socks, pyjamas, and linen drawers and refolded it whilst giving away items that no longer sparked joy. And now I want to do my whole wardrobe and all week I’ve been thinking about storage ideas for my clothes. So my to-do list for tomorrow includes, buying new bed linens (ones that spark joy) and baskets, doing my laundry, changing my bedsheets, cleaning the floors, cleaning the mirrors and light switches and door handles, and finally cleaning the bathroom. I am super excited about re-watching some episodes of Tidying up with Marie Kondo to get some inspiration before tackling my wardrobe.

Thank you for reading.

Day 17: Dictionary

So today’s task was to find a word in a dictionary and define it, and since I only have French dictionaries, I found a French word.

The word I have is bonheur, this word means happiness, joy, pleasure and delight. It could also mean luck and fortune. When I first saw this word, I saw the literal translation as a good time, because bon means good and heur means time, so to me it means a good time, which in itself brings joy, happiness and pleasure. For me bonheur is calling my friend after a hard day at work and just talking it through and being encouraged. Bonheur is finding the perfect book and reading it in the private roof terrace in a guest house in Marrakech. Bonheur is spending time writing my wonderful blog and getting excited about the next topic and thinking about it the whole day. Bonheur is finally finishing a portrait that I have been working on for hours or finish cooking a meal. Saying the word itself brings me bonheur.

Thank you for reading.

Day 16: Addict

I googled the word addict and one of the definitions was ‘an enthusiastic devotee’. So, I decided to base my post on something I am enthusiastically devoted to, to-do lists.

I am addicted to to-do lists, whether that’s in the form of a to-do journal, a white board in my room, numerous post it notes, my calendar, my list app, or my notes app. I have endless amounts of to-do lists. I have an app of to-do lists, where I can organise them according to theme, and add notes and attachments and share them (which comes in handy for a grocery list as the other person can see what has already been bought). I love to-do lists.

I go to bed every night with a list of things I have to remember, and to make sure I remember, I set my morning alarm and write a note of things I have to do. I also set alarms throughout the day to remind me of things I have to do.

Why do I need so many lists you ask? I’m not a forgetful person and I always remember during the day without my alarm and then I have to turn off my alarm because I’ve already accomplished the task. It’s the same with my calendar, I can recite all the things I have to do today without looking at my calendar but I still make a note of everything. This is because I remember things once I’ve written it down. If someone says something to me and I try to remember it, I never do, but once I write it down, it stays in my mind forever. So, here’s to to-do lists. May I always find new and creative ways of making them.

Thank you for reading.