Day 40: Car Keys

I remember passing my driving test. I was so nervous because I had previously failed a year ago. The one year hiatus wasn’t because I was afraid to get back behind the wheels, but because I moved countries and didn’t want the hassle of starting all over again in a new country.

I remember giving myself 2 weeks to pass my driving test because I was convinced I already knew how to drive because of all the lessons I took a year ago. I decided to get a more expensive driving instructor as my previous driving instructor always gave me anxiety because he was nervous about me scratching his car. My new instructor couldn’t care less about the car, it was the company’s car, all she cared about was me passing my test. Her name was Lucki, and boy was she a lucky charm.

I remember that she used to tell me all about her children as I drove with her during those 2 weeks, she made me feel so relaxed. I remember the day of my driving test, how easy it felt in the first 10 minutes. I remember half way through the test a cyclist drove in front of me very slowly and there was no way to overtake as there were parked cars everywhere. I remember getting impatient and overtaking the cyclist at a junction (which I was taught never to do), and spending the rest of the test thinking I had failed.

I remember getting back to the test centre and doing the most perfect bay parking. I had never before done a bay parking with such precision, I was in shock at how perfect it was. I remember thinking what a waste of perfect parking as I thought that I had failed. I remember being told I passed and only had 2 minor errors and the surprise and joy I felt.

Thank you for reading

Day 39: Tea

Tea is such an important part of British culture. I like my tea made a certain way, and it has to be a certain colour for me to drink it. I have about 2-3 cups of tea a day, depending on the kind of day I’m having. And it has to be a certain brand of tea because I’m picky and the others don’t taste the same. It has to be boiling hot, I hate lukewarm tea, as soon as my tea gets lukewarm I stop drinking it.  

One of my favourite videos of all time is Doc Brown, My Proper tea. I absolutely love this video because it clearly shows how seriously tea should be taken.

I hope you enjoy the video, and p.s. please don’t mess with my tea.

Thank you for reading/ watching.

Day 38: Fire Starter

“Oh she’s certainly a fire starter that one. She doesn’t know how to leave things alone” she said, as I turned my gaze to the woman she was referring to.

“What makes you say that? She looks so calm and peaceful, how could she possibly be a fire starter?” I responded in disbelief.

“Oh but she is. That’s why she’s so good at it, that innocent look on her face, it catches people off-guard. No one sees it coming. Look at the meeting last week, everyone else was giving positive feedback, embellishing the truth a little to please the Chief Executive and there she was, giving the unfiltered truth and causing issues for everyone else.” She said.

“But isn’t that a good thing?” I asked puzzled, “surely the plain truth is better than an embellished lie”

“In theory yes, but not in real life. She caused a lot of problems for a lot of people, lots of fires had to be put out because of her comments. She was so blunt. To the Chief Executive of all people! Everyone knows you tell senior management what they want to hear, not what is actually going on.”

“Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t we tell the truth so change can happen?” I pressed.

“Oh my sweet child, you’re so inexperienced. No one wants change, we like things the way it is. I’ve been at this job for 25 years and I like things exactly as it is.”

“So what did the chief executive do?” I asked, questioning my choice of work friends.

“Well she changed things. Aren’t you listening? She put procedures in place that changed the way we work. And now I have to learn new things when I’ve become an expert in the old ways. All these young people coming here with their ideas and ruining everything. I hope you don’t become like her.”

“hmmm” I responded, knowing exactly which one of the two I wanted to be like.

Thank you for reading.

Day 37: Puzzle

Today I was assigned the topic: puzzle. My first plan was to write about my love for online puzzle games, but then I thought no. My second plan was to write about the last time I put together a puzzle, which was with a 2 year old and I got some pieces wrong. My third thought was to write a list of things that puzzled me, I even texted my friends for some inspiration but due to them having lives, I am yet to receive their responses. So here I am with my final no plan option, which is to write about how impossible it has proved for me to write about puzzles.

Below is a list of things that puzzle me the most:

Why can we not take certain items in our hand luggage but can pack it in the hold luggage? I mean it all goes on the same flight, it will be harmful regardless of where its placed on the plane.

Why did the French not create numbers for 70, 80 and 90? 60 is soixante in French, 70 is soixante-dix (60-10), 80 is quatre-vingts (4-20s), 90 is quatre-vingt-dix (4-20s – 10). The French speaking Belgians also thought that this was strange and created actual words for these numbers.

Why is everyone so obsessed with being normal and fitting in? No one wants to stand out and be different anymore, we all just want to be carbon copies of celebrities. Why? I mean I would rather be extra-ordinary than ordinary. But that’s just me.

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Day 36: Frame It

So today I’m supposed to write a poem or phrases that would make for good wall art in my home. Personally, I’m not a fan of wall art, the only things I like on my walls are family photos and book shelves, but here goes.

Welcome to Family

A place where food is taken far too seriously

Board games are a topic of contention

A place filled with laughter and pranks

Where love is overflowing

With fathers playing loud music till dawn

Mothers pre-packing 2 months in advance

Brothers who Netflix through midnight

And sisters who write blog posts each evening

Welcome Home.

Thank you for reading.