Day 18: Cleaning

For me, Saturday is my cleaning day. And depending on the Saturday, my routine changes, but the tasks that I do every Saturday are cleaning the bathroom and floors, and tidying up my clothes (which are usually piled on a chair). However, since watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I have become obsessed with re-assessingContinue reading “Day 18: Cleaning”

Day 17: Dictionary

So today’s task was to find a word in a dictionary and define it, and since I only have French dictionaries, I found a French word. The word I have is bonheur, this word means happiness, joy, pleasure and delight. It could also mean luck and fortune. When I first saw this word, I sawContinue reading “Day 17: Dictionary”

Day 13: The Letter Poem

Dear Lover, Just 2 words written on a page Brought my heart freedom from it’s cage The day we met, you had such charm It caused me to step back in alarm The smile you gave followed by the wink Forced me to lose all ability to think I knew I was yours the momentContinue reading “Day 13: The Letter Poem”