Scotland: Edinburgh and Loch Lomond

For the last 4 days, I have been enjoying the beautiful land of the Scots. My first night was spent in Edinburgh. We visited the castle, ate at grassmarket square, climbed Arthur’s Seat, took a tour of parliament before finishing it all off with a city bus tour. We didn’t go inside the castle andContinue reading “Scotland: Edinburgh and Loch Lomond”

Day 77: Geography

The country that I would love to visit is New Zealand. New Zealand has never been on my travel bucket list until recently. The main reason that it had made an appearance on my travel bucket list is because of the recent terror attack and the country’s response of it. After the horrific attack, NewContinue reading “Day 77: Geography”

Day 56: Photography

So today I have to write something influenced by a photograph. This poem was inspired by a photo I took in 2016 at the Château de Versailles outside Paris. What beauty what glorious beauty Marble rocks that bring Back memories of Cupid’s love Reflections we sometimes miss Oh beauty such glorious beauty Columns that tellContinue reading “Day 56: Photography”

Sierra Leone: Part 2 – Holiday Destination

I love going back to Sierra Leone because it’s a great place for me to rest and relax. If you want to visit Sierra Leone, rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of. Tourists are treated like kings and queens, they don’t have to do anything but enjoy. From the moment youContinue reading “Sierra Leone: Part 2 – Holiday Destination”

Sierra Leone: Part 1 – Culture

For my first trip of 2019, I visited Sierra Leone, the country I call home. It was an amazing trip and I already miss it. I miss the sunshine, the people, the clothes and most importantly the food. My posts on Sierra Leone has been split into 2 parts, part 1 is the culture, andContinue reading “Sierra Leone: Part 1 – Culture”