Day 283: Taste buds

I find it so fascinating that our taste buds change and develop as we grow. There are so many thing that I hated the taste of when I was young and now I’m in love with. Coffee was one of them, until I gave it up last year. I remember first drinking coffee and thinkingContinue reading “Day 283: Taste buds”

Day 201: Food

He never did know when to stop This addiction was different from the last one This one was good to the tongue But unkind to his body He knew the flavours from their smell He knew the texture from their look He knew it all and he wanted it all He wondered how big he’dContinue reading “Day 201: Food”

Day 102: Wardrobe

I have been told that I have the taste and style of a 60 year old, middle class white woman. I’ve been told that I dress like a preppy high school cheerleader. I’ve also been accused of dressing like an upper class spoilt princess. Whilst studying Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution, I came across theContinue reading “Day 102: Wardrobe”