Day 309: Packing

She folded it all up, placed it in a neat pile, ready to be put away. She knew it was time, there was no space for all her stuff in this season. She couldn’t use them to cover up because there as no cold to be covered from. Summer was here for her, and sheContinue reading “Day 309: Packing”

Day 157: Seasons

Of seasons past and seasons come Of each present lasting a lifetime Of dreams and nightmares reality realised Of pointless chatter from men’s mouth Of endless journeys through machinations Of adventures found in strange lands Of mountains climbed and hill descended Of countless tears and burning eyes Of moving hands and painful acts Of sorrowfulContinue reading “Day 157: Seasons”

Day 99: Seasonal

In poetry, spring was always the season of hope, of new beginnings. Spring symbolised new love blossoming, romance and true love and thus was a lot of people’s favourite season. For me, my favourite season is summer. Whenever the sun is shinning I’m automatically in a better mood. The brighter the sun the brighter myContinue reading “Day 99: Seasonal”