Day 157: Seasons

Of seasons past and seasons come

Of each present lasting a lifetime

Of dreams and nightmares reality realised

Of pointless chatter from men’s mouth

Of endless journeys through machinations

Of adventures found in strange lands

Of mountains climbed and hill descended

Of countless tears and burning eyes

Of moving hands and painful acts

Of sorrowful souls and tired hearts

Of deep breaths taken and nostrils flared

Of closing eyes and souls awakened.

Thank you for reading.

Day 99: Seasonal

In poetry, spring was always the season of hope, of new beginnings. Spring symbolised new love blossoming, romance and true love and thus was a lot of people’s favourite season.

For me, my favourite season is summer. Whenever the sun is shinning I’m automatically in a better mood. The brighter the sun the brighter my mood. I love hot summers, I mean really hot summers. I love being able to show off my legs and wear beautiful floral dresses. I love going on holiday in the summer because I can fit everything in my backpack as dresses are lightweight.

I love going to cafes and sitting outside in the summer. Picnics in the park, not wearing a cardigan, all the things I love.

For me summer symbolises freedom, because when I was in school, summer holidays were the only time I could be free and do whatever I wanted. Summer means having lunch on the balcony at work.

Summer is high school musical 2 (the best one), it’s going swimming at the local pool, meeting up with friends and having a good time. And for me summer is the gym, it’s the only time of the year that I get a gym membership. Why? Because the weather is so beautiful I actually want to leave my house to exercise.

I love summer!

Thank you for reading.

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