Day 326: Recipe to Happiness

Ingredients: – a lifetime of self love – freedom from societal judgement – a handful of activities you enjoy – an absent of stress and anxiety Method: Step 1: Take the absent of stress and anxiety and add it to the bowl. Step 2: Stir in a dash of self love. Make sure you spendContinue reading “Day 326: Recipe to Happiness”

Day 70: Recipe for Resilience

Resilience is something you need, not only to survive but thrive in this world. I have concocted the perfect recipe for resilience. Ingredients: A mile or longer of hardships A dissertations worth of rejections A handful of heartbreaks A river full of tears A pinch of anxiety Method: In order to create the perfect batchContinue reading “Day 70: Recipe for Resilience”

Day 5: Food

So first things first, you have to peel the vegetables. It doesn’t really matter which vegetables you use, as long as you like them. I usually use aubergine, mushrooms, carrot, celery and red peppers. Only red peppers, because I’m convinced red is the best colour and tastes better. I know people hate celery, but IContinue reading “Day 5: Food”