Day 304: Rain

It’s almost like magic Falling from the sky The cleansing of the soul Washes away all impurities It’s the call of a Saturday To stay in and rejuvenate To tidy and pack things up Or to risk it all through the rain To meet the friend For the much needed catch up Thank you forContinue reading “Day 304: Rain”


I was fortunate enough to spend last weekend in the beautiful city of Luxembourg, which is located in the wonderful country of Luxembourg. I was very puzzled when I first realised that both the country and the capital city had the same name, but then I thought why not? Luxembourg is a small country situatedContinue reading “Luxembourg”

Day 207: Rain

Dear Rain, I know I was mean before, asking you to go away and never come back. I know it was uncalled for, you were just doing your job, fulfilling your purpose. I’m sorry. I’m glad to see that you’re back, especially after the heat wave. And you didn’t come alone, you brought wind withContinue reading “Day 207: Rain”

Day 162: Rain

“Rain rain go away, come again another day” Was the song we used to sing Was the song that filled our summer afternoons Was the song I’d wished I sang yesterday But it’s too late now, the rain is here It falls like bricks from the sky Destroying everything it reaches I sit by myContinue reading “Day 162: Rain”