Day 86: My Muse

My muse’s eyes are just divine I’ve never seen them without their shine Although I’ve never truly seen them at all I’ve never looked deeply in his eyes Or even noticed the colour they contain But I know that if I were to look They would be oh so divine My muse’s heart is kindContinue reading “Day 86: My Muse”

Day 84: Pen

“The pen is mightier than the sword” She was ready for battle, ready to fight, ready to defend her kingdom just like she’d always done. She knew that she needed her best weapon, her best armour, her best shield. This was a battle like no other, the most epic battle to have ever taken placeContinue reading “Day 84: Pen”

Day 82: Book Inspired

My task today is to summarise my favourite book in a 10 line poem. So here goes: An orphan so young and yet so bold To take on aunt and headmaster alike She found her place teaching those Who society calls the poor and wretched Unlikely love was found at Thornfield But past secrets causedContinue reading “Day 82: Book Inspired”

Day 66: Name

Keen as ever was the girl who knew Hard-work, she couldn’t stop to just Appreciate everything she had, all her Desires were within arms reach, she had to Invest more of herself into her future, the Journey was never her aim but she Acknowledges that there is joy in it. Thank you for reading.