Day 362: Poem of the Day

By Emily Dickinson Of all the souls that stand create I have elected one. When sense from spirit files away, And subterfuge is done; When that which is and that which was Apart, intrinsic, stand, And this brief tragedy of flesh Is shifted like a sand; When figures show their royal front And mists areContinue reading “Day 362: Poem of the Day”

Day 353: ‘Twas the Day

Twas the day before Saturday when all through the office Not a creature was working, not even the bosses. The laptops were closed and the chairs unused, In hope that the day, would soon be misused. The staff were all nestled, chatting in the kitchen With conversations of Christmas, family and roast chicken. Thank youContinue reading “Day 353: ‘Twas the Day”

Day 349: Poem of the Day

By Emily Dickinson That I did always love, I bring thee proof: That till I loved I did not love enough. That I shall love always, I offer thee That love is life, And life hath immortality. This, dost thou doubt, sweet? Then have I Nothing to show But Calvary. Thank you for reading.

Day 348: Strong Idealism

They’ve ruled me for far too long Overtaking my days and nights They’ve locked me in a cage Filled my head with make-believe They’ve trapped me in a cycle And watched me as I spun They’ve weighed on my decisions No right no wrong, just illusions It’s time to put them all to rest ToContinue reading “Day 348: Strong Idealism”

Day 347: The Beaten Path

Used so often it ceases to amaze The path most frequented by men Whose life, eclipsed by predictability Whose words are those of men before Whose actions speak in whispers so low. The path is one that I avoid Not in hope of finding one distinct But in hope of finding one that I belong.Continue reading “Day 347: The Beaten Path”