What’s in a name

As my alarm went off to remind me to write my poem for the day, I realised that I had nothing to write about, no inspiration at all. So I turned to Netflix as you do when procrastinating and chose to try again later. 20 minutes into the show BlackAF, one of the characters saidContinue reading “What’s in a name”

Day 292: Retreat

I was told recently that a retreat shouldn’t be called a retreat because it emphasises going backwards. In war when you retreat, it’s because you’re losing and the enemy is fast approaching. So instead I was told that it should be called an advance. That you are moving forward, taking enemy territory in order toContinue reading “Day 292: Retreat”

Day 66: Name

Keen as ever was the girl who knew Hard-work, she couldn’t stop to just Appreciate everything she had, all her Desires were within arms reach, she had to Invest more of herself into her future, the Journey was never her aim but she Acknowledges that there is joy in it. Thank you for reading.