Day 305: Money

They say “money can’t buy happiness”, this is a statement that I strongly disagree with. “Money can’t buy happiness” is one of those phrases the rich use to placate the poor. Don’t get me wrong, I understand how the phrase can be correct in some circumstances. If you come from a toxic family that happensContinue reading “Day 305: Money”

Day 221: Rule of 3

Does it make me happy? Does it make me better? Does it make me money? A long time ago, these were the 3 rules that I lived by. Everything I did had to meet at least one of the 3 requirements, and it was great. My life was less stressful and much more exciting. DoesContinue reading “Day 221: Rule of 3”

Day 30: Shopping

Honestly, if I had an endless amount of money and could buy anything, the first thing I’ll buy is a house. I don’t want a huge house with endless rooms because all my family members will move in, and I’ll rather save the money and buy them a house at least 30 minutes away fromContinue reading “Day 30: Shopping”

Day 24: Numbers

In school we are taught Maths and numbers because we’re told that they are necessary to navigate through life. I always think about the last time simultaneous equations or Pythagoras’s theorem was used in my life outside school; the answer is never. However, the skills that I learnt from Maths, such as problem solving, IContinue reading “Day 24: Numbers”