Day 286: Forgotten

I can’t believe I forgot That I laid in bed peacefully asleep That all the thoughts had disappeared I can’t belief how easy it was To leave it all behind To close my eyes and let it go As if it had meant nothing before I can’t believe I forgot. Thank you for reading.

Day 273: Memory

Who was she really The girl, sat there with her beautiful smile With her margarita that she had craved all day The girl in all black, With her Sephora lipstick The girl in an unknown city Making new friends as she went along I remember her by the canal Drinking French wine from the bottleContinue reading “Day 273: Memory”

Day 272: Scrapbook

She rummaged through the boxes of old books, deciding what to keep and what to throw away. It wasn’t that any of these things were of any use, the fact that she had lived years without them was proof in itself, but it was their sentimental value that she could not let go off. SheContinue reading “Day 272: Scrapbook”

Day 52: Memory Lane

Today I will be directiing you down memory lane. It is by far my favourite lane to walk down, the streets are always clean and the the air is always fresh. To get to memory lane you have to go straight through the unachieved dreams that were never fully extingushed. Then turn left to roseContinue reading “Day 52: Memory Lane”