Did We Enjoy 2020?

Did we enjoy the isolation and constant facetime? Did we enjoy the working from home Wi-Fi dramas? Did we enjoy the daily walks and mask covered faces? Did we enjoy the confusing, uncertainty and misinformation? Did we enjoy losing jobs and crashing economies? Did we enjoy the home-schooling with no friends around? Did we enjoyContinue reading “Did We Enjoy 2020?”

Day 273: Memory

Who was she really The girl, sat there with her beautiful smile With her margarita that she had craved all day The girl in all black, With her Sephora lipstick The girl in an unknown city Making new friends as she went along I remember her by the canal Drinking French wine from the bottleContinue reading “Day 273: Memory”

Day 272: Scrapbook

She rummaged through the boxes of old books, deciding what to keep and what to throw away. It wasn’t that any of these things were of any use, the fact that she had lived years without them was proof in itself, but it was their sentimental value that she could not let go off. SheContinue reading “Day 272: Scrapbook”