Day 248: What are you Hiding?

What are you hiding my sweet child? What’s behind the wall you’ve built? Why have you dressed in suited armour? What happened to the laughter and smiles? Why do you carry the bottle around? Afraid to grow up and be a man? What hurt and pain weight you down? Why are you afraid to letContinue reading “Day 248: What are you Hiding?”

Day 226: Friendship

There are those who lack an understanding Of what true friendships really means Those who dismiss and disregard Your voice and all your contributions There are those who make no effort But expect all the rewards of friendships Those who never defend you But make cruel and hurtful jokes Those who dismiss your concerns ThoseContinue reading “Day 226: Friendship”

Day 202: Blason

Blason is a form of poetry that compares the subject (usually a woman) to an object (diamonds, stars etc). This is not just something that is found in Elizabethan poetry, like in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, but also in modern poetry like Maya Angelou’s Still I rise. At university I fell in love with the blasonContinue reading “Day 202: Blason”

Day 125: Helen

Of Troy and of Sparta Your name marks the fall Of cities and of men All pursued your beauty Without an ounce of shame Husband and child were left behind When Troy became your home Abduction or elopement The legends all disagree Wars waged and battles fought To save the Spartan Queen Choice, you hadContinue reading “Day 125: Helen”