Day 349: Poem of the Day

By Emily Dickinson That I did always love, I bring thee proof: That till I loved I did not love enough. That I shall love always, I offer thee That love is life, And life hath immortality. This, dost thou doubt, sweet? Then have I Nothing to show But Calvary. Thank you for reading.

Day 321: By Us

Dreams of us consume my days Of lives and kingdoms ruled by us Of chariots and horses driven by us And carriages and balls danced by us Dreams of slow dancing led by us And countryside verses read by us Of ball gowns and petticoats worn by us Of romance and letters written by usContinue reading “Day 321: By Us”

Day 317: The Song of Love

I felt inspired to write the song That sings in so many souls The song of youth and passion The song that blossoms in the spring The song of Romeo and Juliet The song of longing and gazes The song of jealousy and envy The song of stolen kisses The song of late night wishesContinue reading “Day 317: The Song of Love”

Day 314: Mamma

So last week my mum went on her first ever holiday without the family. All of her holidays have been with dad, or me, or my brother, or all 4 of us, or with another member of our extended family, but never ever with someone outside of the family. So last week she went onContinue reading “Day 314: Mamma”