Day 354: The Lion King

Last night I was able to watch the theatre production of The Lion King and it was amazing. The cast and crew were just magnificent. The music was wonderful, the plot was true to the original story, and each scene brought both excitement and nostalgia. I dislike the fact that there was a no picturesContinue reading “Day 354: The Lion King”

Day 130: Underground

The London Underground is unlike anything I’ve seen before You wait no move than 5 or 6 minutes To take a ride under London Town It’s filled with drunken laughter of teenage girls Returning home from Beyonce at the O2 It’s plagued by commuters at rush hour cramped in the early morn On their wayContinue reading “Day 130: Underground”

Day 110: City Rat

He hopped on the train, leaving London for the first time in his whole life. He loved London, it was the city that he was born in, the city that took care of him, the city that made a home for him. He found his seat in the corner near the doors, his grey furContinue reading “Day 110: City Rat”

Day 87: The Shop

In London we have corner shops, which are convenience stores in the US. Corner shops are the most wonderful things because even if you live in the middle of nowhere, there is bound to be a corner shop close by. They usually sell your basics; lottery tickets, milk, bread, alcohol, newspaper, sandwiches etc. Corner shopsContinue reading “Day 87: The Shop”

Day 22: Fog

Like most December winter mornings in London, the weather was horrendous. Waking up at 6am for work was proving to be a more difficult task than was anticipated. My body could not gather the strength to leave the bed and the thought of another cold shower made it all even less appealing. With little toContinue reading “Day 22: Fog”