Day 301: Diwali

Today is the day that everyone returned to the office from their Diwali celebrations. For a longtime, the only things I knew bout Diwali was that it was a time of celebrations and samosas. Over the years I have learnt a lot more about Diwali and Indian food and thought I should share some ofContinue reading “Day 301: Diwali”

Day 290: Sun

The sun is gracing us with its presence It’s beautiful rays penetrating my windows The lights it brings brightens my morning It urges me to get dressed and go out To bask in all it’s glory It directs me to a path Filled with greenery and beautiful scenery Oh what a morning it is ToContinue reading “Day 290: Sun”

Day 58: Darkness

I used to be afraid of the dark, I still am but in a different way. I used to be afraid of turning off the lights in my room at night so I would sleep with the lights on. Now I know that darkness isn’t switching the light off, darkness is so much more. IContinue reading “Day 58: Darkness”

Day 48: Light Switch

I stood by the door way looking in, seeing the shadows of all that was there before. This was once my favourite room, so full of energy and people. When I was younger we would have the most fabulous parties, free flowing champagne, music and games. I remember when Elaine gained her promotion and weContinue reading “Day 48: Light Switch”