Day 337: Existential

They say it is impossible To imagine your own demise To imagine having no thoughts No options, no life And no existence They say it is impossible To imagine what you were before Or what you weren’t That all your mind’s eye see is darkness To think of a world without oneself. Thank you forContinue reading “Day 337: Existential”

Day 55: Holding On

I had to hold on, what choice did I have? What else was there in this life? It’s the only thing that keeps me stable, that keeps me functioning without losing my mind. I have to hold on. I have to. Waking up everyday is hard enough, but to do it alone, I don’t thinkContinue reading “Day 55: Holding On”

Day 26: Fear

Of all the things that life can throw The one that scares me most of all Is to live an unimpactful life To go about my ins and out And not touch a single soul To seek and not find and be left all alone To love and not be loved And heartbreak so familiarContinue reading “Day 26: Fear”

Day 3: The Vessel

What defines a vessel better than our hallow flesh, that carries us through time and trials. It has no captain but our minds, that direct its every move. I’ve read that from the 2nd week of conception, our skins have already been set. Our DNA would have already assigned us skin tones before we evenContinue reading “Day 3: The Vessel”