Day 207: Rain

Dear Rain, I know I was mean before, asking you to go away and never come back. I know it was uncalled for, you were just doing your job, fulfilling your purpose. I’m sorry. I’m glad to see that you’re back, especially after the heat wave. And you didn’t come alone, you brought wind withContinue reading “Day 207: Rain”

Day 119: The Ex

Today’s task is to write a letter to an ex. I was very excited about this because I saw this as an opportunity to channel my inner Adele. No one writes about their ex like Adele. She has hits after hits of pure genius, from Hello to Rolling in the Deep, to Set Fire toContinue reading “Day 119: The Ex”

Day 13: The Letter Poem

Dear Lover, Just 2 words written on a page Brought my heart freedom from it’s cage The day we met, you had such charm It caused me to step back in alarm The smile you gave followed by the wink Forced me to lose all ability to think I knew I was yours the momentContinue reading “Day 13: The Letter Poem”