Re-Education Through Rap

One thing I’ve been enjoying this week, is learning about Black History through rap. I’ve found myself falling in love with rap again and being moved by the poetry of the lyrics. It has been a re-education of things that I thought I once knew. One song that has been on repeat throughout the weekContinue reading “Re-Education Through Rap”

Day 355: Speech of the Day

One of my favourite speeches is the one given by Queen Elizabeth I at Tilbury. The Spanish Armada was making its way to England and the English troops were taking up arms. Most of them fearful as the Spanish were known for their naval prowess. In line with British Royalty, Queen Elizabeth went to meetContinue reading “Day 355: Speech of the Day”

Day 325: Medieval History

After watching The King on Netflix, my love for medieval English history was stirred, especially for the Plantagenets. The King follows the life of young Henry V as he claims the throne he never wanted. Henry V is by far one of the most famous Plantagenet Kings of all time, along with Richard III. SoContinue reading “Day 325: Medieval History”

Day 68: Random Wikipedia Article

Today’s task was to go on Wikipedia and find a random article to write about. The article that I found was on Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc is considered a French hero because of her role during the Hundred Years War. Because of this she was canonised as a Catholic saint. Joan was born intoContinue reading “Day 68: Random Wikipedia Article”