Day 287: Toni

So I asked a friend to give me a theme to base today’s blog post on and she said “me”. So here goes, today’s blog post is dedicated to Toni. I remember the first time you had lunch with us I remember thinking who the hell is she I remember liking you after our firstContinue reading “Day 287: Toni”

Day 226: Friendship

There are those who lack an understanding Of what true friendships really means Those who dismiss and disregard Your voice and all your contributions There are those who make no effort But expect all the rewards of friendships Those who never defend you But make cruel and hurtful jokes Those who dismiss your concerns ThoseContinue reading “Day 226: Friendship”

Day 10: Friendship

I’m dedicating this post to my friend Rebecca. Rebecca and I met on the first day of university. I remember knocking on her door, just after moving in and asking if she was going to the Freshers party later that night, and she said yes. As it was our very first university party, we didn’tContinue reading “Day 10: Friendship”