Day 287: Toni

So I asked a friend to give me a theme to base today’s blog post on and she said “me”. So here goes, today’s blog post is dedicated to Toni. I remember the first time you had lunch with us I remember thinking who the hell is she I remember liking you after our firstContinue reading “Day 287: Toni”

Day 226: Friendship

There are those who lack an understanding Of what true friendships really means Those who dismiss and disregard Your voice and all your contributions There are those who make no effort But expect all the rewards of friendships Those who never defend you But make cruel and hurtful jokes Those who dismiss your concerns ThoseContinue reading “Day 226: Friendship”

Day 174: Wedding

This summer is officially wedding season for me. With 2 weddings already passed, I have 5 more to attend from now until November. The main aim for my trip to Strasbourg last weekend was for the wedding of two of my friends. They are the most unconventional “wing it” people I know and I loveContinue reading “Day 174: Wedding”

Day 114: Neighbours

Row of houses Side by side Characters lay within Of multicoloured natures Neighbours they’re called But family is what they are With passing seasons We grew together Birthdays, Christmas and barbecues We stood by each other Cinema and shopping trips We passed our youths With outdoor games And football over fences Cousins, uncles and auntiesContinue reading “Day 114: Neighbours”

Day 8: Dream-Catcher

I can’t remember a single dream I had last year, I know I had some and that for a moment after I remembered them, but not anymore. When I was younger, I only experienced nightmare-esque dreams, the most bizarre and inexplicable ones. I once dreamt of feline-like animals, who were chasing and attacking me, andContinue reading “Day 8: Dream-Catcher”