Day 174: Wedding

This summer is officially wedding season for me. With 2 weddings already passed, I have 5 more to attend from now until November. The main aim for my trip to Strasbourg last weekend was for the wedding of two of my friends. They are the most unconventional “wing it” people I know and I loveContinue reading “Day 174: Wedding”

Day 173: Strasbourg

The last few days I was able to spend some time in the beautiful city of Strasbourg. Almost 4 years ago, I moved to Strasbourg and lived there for a year. This city has a special place in my heart, despite me constantly saying that I’ll never visit again, I find myself always missing itContinue reading “Day 173: Strasbourg”

Day 12: Greetings

Greetings are more rooted in our culture than we realise. Every culture has their own greetings, both in speech and body language. For example, when I lived in France, we would lean in, allowing our cheeks to touch, whilst making kissing noises. I mean what a strange and obscure thing, to make kissing noises whilstContinue reading “Day 12: Greetings”