Day 314: Mamma

So last week my mum went on her first ever holiday without the family. All of her holidays have been with dad, or me, or my brother, or all 4 of us, or with another member of our extended family, but never ever with someone outside of the family. So last week she went onContinue reading “Day 314: Mamma”

Day 208: Brother

Having a brother is such a blessing, there are no fights (except when we were younger and used to fight for the remote). There is no stealing each other’s clothes ( except for when I steal his shirts and hoodies). Honestly I get more from this siblingship that he does. My favourite things about havingContinue reading “Day 208: Brother”

Day 189: Rainbow

What’s on the other side of a rainbow you ask? Well that’s simple. It’s us, it’s them, it all of us together. That’s what’s there, waiting for us. She was slightly excited to be making the journey, but she was not truly happy about it. She didn’t really want to go, she knew she’d beContinue reading “Day 189: Rainbow”

Day 125: Helen

Of Troy and of Sparta Your name marks the fall Of cities and of men All pursued your beauty Without an ounce of shame Husband and child were left behind When Troy became your home Abduction or elopement The legends all disagree Wars waged and battles fought To save the Spartan Queen Choice, you hadContinue reading “Day 125: Helen”