Nature’s Call

One of the best things that has happened due to lockdown is that I am able to spend more time with nature. I have been able to discover places in my local area that are filled with lush greeneries and even some body of water. Living in London usually contains the hurry and bustle ofContinue reading “Nature’s Call”

Day 364: Fitness Update

Today was my last fitness day of the year. Getting active in the last few months has been great. I’ve achieved my goal of running 5k and made it into a habit. Unfortunately, it was a habit that my body was against, one that caused unnatural pain to a point that it was overworking myContinue reading “Day 364: Fitness Update”

Day 329: Does it get easier?

I have been running for 10 weeks now, and one questions I keep asking myself is; does it get easier? Will there be a time when my body feels zero pain because it’s so used to it? Will there be a time when I become a natural runner? Will there be a time when IContinue reading “Day 329: Does it get easier?”

Day 295: Bored

The one thing I hate about jogging is the boredom. It is so boring, there is nothing to do whilst running. Listening to music gets dull after 5 mins and then I run out of thoughts because they save themselves until I’m ready to go to bed. I just don’t understand how people do it.Continue reading “Day 295: Bored”

Day 266: Fitness

As a lazy person with great genetics, I can’t really give others advice on fitness and exercise. However I do value it’s important in my life, I am constantly joining and cancelling my gym membership on a yearly basis, and when I’m not joining or cancelling my gym membership, I’m thinking about it. A fewContinue reading “Day 266: Fitness”