Day 346: The Count

I did it! I survived a 20 hour day at work. We finished earlier than expected and I got to my bed before 4:30 am. Working for 20 hours straight is exhausting but also amazing in an elections environment, the buzz and anticipation keeps you going and time moves so fast. We sat down readyContinue reading “Day 346: The Count”

Day 345: Election Day

Today is the day that I have been anticipating and dreading. I love Election Day because I am one of the people that get to count the votes, and it is a fun, tiring and important role. My day today has already started and I will not see my bed for the next 22-26 hoursContinue reading “Day 345: Election Day”

Day 343: Politics

I am not one to get political. I have my views and other people have theirs and we all live happily. However, with the upcoming general elections on Thursday, everyone feels the need to vocalise their political viewpoints. Which is all good and well, freedom of speech and all, however when people start to sayContinue reading “Day 343: Politics”