What’s in a name

As my alarm went off to remind me to write my poem for the day, I realised that I had nothing to write about, no inspiration at all. So I turned to Netflix as you do when procrastinating and chose to try again later. 20 minutes into the show BlackAF, one of the characters saidContinue reading “What’s in a name”

Day 214: TV

Having finished every episode of Community, I have found a new show to help me pass the time, The Boys. I’ve only watched one episode but i am already hooked. The Boys is a show about celebrity super hero abusing their power. The first episode was gripping with a good story line. It even hasContinue reading “Day 214: TV”

Day 196: Community

So I’ve recently started watching Community on amazon prime. Although I don’t find the show hilarious, I do think it is a good show to watch. The show has made me start to think about my own communities, those that support and encourage me in my time of need. It’s made me realise that communityContinue reading “Day 196: Community”