Day 283: Taste buds

I find it so fascinating that our taste buds change and develop as we grow. There are so many thing that I hated the taste of when I was young and now I’m in love with. Coffee was one of them, until I gave it up last year. I remember first drinking coffee and thinkingContinue reading “Day 283: Taste buds”

Day 274: Begin Again

So today I moved to new team at work, and it felt like starting all over again. I have to get use to a new manager, with a new management style, a new team, new floor, new desk, new kitchen, new everything. I have to say that I am not a fan of starting allContinue reading “Day 274: Begin Again”

Day 258: Leaving

She’s always known that she wanted to leave, but every-time an opportunity came to go she hesitated. She wanted change but was uncertain for what the future held. Gone were the days of excitement at every new opportunity. Now she treated opportunity as an opposition. She couldn’t figure out what was holding her back, whatContinue reading “Day 258: Leaving”