Day 77: Geography

The country that I would love to visit is New Zealand. New Zealand has never been on my travel bucket list until recently. The main reason that it had made an appearance on my travel bucket list is because of the recent terror attack and the country’s response of it.

After the horrific attack, New Zealand not only denounced the attacher for the terrorist that he is but also took action in regards to assault weapons. They didn’t just send thoughts and prayers to victims but they ensured that this kind of attack doesn’t happen again.

For me this is the kind of country that deserves my tourism. A nation that doesn’t compromise its values and takes action when it’s necessary.

Thank you for reading.

Day 49: Stolen

So today my phone was stolen, on my birthday no less. And after hours of crying and stressing I am finally ready to move forward. I know there is nothing i can do at this point, and everything that is to be done has been done.

I’ve contacted the police and informed them of the crime.

I’ve contacted Apple and made an appointment to speak to someone tomorrow.

I’ve reset all my bank details that were connected to my phone

I’ve spoken to Vodafone to block the sim card and the phone.

A silver lining in all this is that one of the goals on my bucket list is to go a whole year without a phone, and this might the perfect opportunity to start. Especially since I will continue to pay for my stolen phone, I cannot afford to get a new one.

Here’s to ticking off a goal on my bucket list.

Thank you for reading.

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