French Toast Recipe

As London continues on into lockdown, I am happy to report that I have continued on with my fancy breakfasts, and even tried to venture into the fancy lunch arena (although not quite as picturesque as my breakfasts). Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to share the recipe to my easiest breakfastContinue reading “French Toast Recipe”

Week 1 of Social Distancing

So it has been just over a week since I began my social distancing and working from home. This means that I’ve been mostly indoors, except for the occasional grocery shopping trip. It has been an interesting week, so I thought I’d share my highlights, lowlights, and things I’m looking forward to in week 2Continue reading “Week 1 of Social Distancing”

Day 311: Buffet Breakfast

Oh how I love thee buffet breakfast Thou makes one’s morning filled With joy and steady expectation With all thy variations of teas With trays overflowed of pancakes With eggs cooked in different forms With fruits from all across the globe With French pastries and gluten free bread With fried potatoes and Sausages Oh buffetContinue reading “Day 311: Buffet Breakfast”

Day 227: Breakfast

So I’m in bed trying to plan my meals for tomorrow. I’m surprisingly relaxed for someone who usually knows exactly what she going to have for every meal. I usually plan my work lunches 4 weeks in advance, because that’s just who I am. It’s past midnight in my time zone and I’ve spent overContinue reading “Day 227: Breakfast”