Day 219: Victory

How odd it feels To win the war Before the battle begun To be pronounced victor Before a shot is fired How blessed I am To have allies That fight behind closed doors That bring the final blow On my behalf How strange indeed To see my enemies lay a-waste And not a scratch befellContinue reading “Day 219: Victory”

Day 217: Battle Plan

She stood over the table, rummaging through the paper that laid on top. She searched for a few more seconds before finding what she was looking for. She examined the document with a fine tooth comb, getting the relevant information that she needed. She placed it down and added the information to her blueprint. SheContinue reading “Day 217: Battle Plan”

Day 84: Pen

“The pen is mightier than the sword” She was ready for battle, ready to fight, ready to defend her kingdom just like she’d always done. She knew that she needed her best weapon, her best armour, her best shield. This was a battle like no other, the most epic battle to have ever taken placeContinue reading “Day 84: Pen”