Day 69: Silly Sport

My new silly sport is called Elephant Laugh. Like the name suggests the aim is to make an elephant laugh, but not just any elephant, caged and abused elephants. The 3 main objectives of the games are: To break into a zoo or circus or any location where elephants are mistreated and abused. Break theContinue reading “Day 69: Silly Sport”

Day 9: Animal

When I was in school, I was obsessed with pandas. I just found them to be the most majestic creatures. I was in love with their big black eyes, cute nose and ears. There was just something about them that made me fall in love. I had to do a school project on my favouriteContinue reading “Day 9: Animal”

Day 6: Eye Contact

She stood, head reaching forward with her face in the pond as the swallowed water travels down her black and white stripped neck. She is the only one at the pond today, the silence making her suspicious, almost as if she knew what laid ahead. He prowled slowly through the dead yellow grass, camouflaging hisContinue reading “Day 6: Eye Contact”