Day 57: Alarm Clock

I remember growing up in a time when alarm clocks weren’t just an app on a phone but an actual thing. I mean it’s weird now to think that some people still have actual physical alarm clocks. I remember the cool new alarm clocks that moved around the room and you had to get upContinue reading “Day 57: Alarm Clock”

Day 51: Sunrise

I woke up dreading being up so early, another monday, another work day. This was my least favourite part of my day, this was the part I hated the most, waking up so early. I knew it would get better once I took a shower. The first 10 minutes of waking up were the worstContinue reading “Day 51: Sunrise”

Day 16: Addict

I googled the word addict and one of the definitions was ‘an enthusiastic devotee’. So, I decided to base my post on something I am enthusiastically devoted to, to-do lists. I am addicted to to-do lists, whether that’s in the form of a to-do journal, a white board in my room, numerous post it notes,Continue reading “Day 16: Addict”