Day 129: Age

As the days tally on, I find myself increasing thinking about age, not just my own (as I approach my quarter life crisis), but the age of others as well. For instance, I found out that Samuel L Jackson is 70 years old and I was so shocked I cursed out loud. 70! He wasContinue reading “Day 129: Age”

Day 76: Missing You

The person I miss the most is the person I used to be when I was a teenager. I was so free, before society and all it rules were forced upon me, before I had to act like a grown up. I miss the way I used to read, it’s safe to say that doingContinue reading “Day 76: Missing You”

Day 3: The Vessel

What defines a vessel better than our hallow flesh, that carries us through time and trials. It has no captain but our minds, that direct its every move. I’ve read that from the 2nd week of conception, our skins have already been set. Our DNA would have already assigned us skin tones before we evenContinue reading “Day 3: The Vessel”