Sierra Leone

Travelling to Sierra Leone is a special journey for me. This is because Sierra Leone is not just another destination on my bucket list, instead it is where all my favourite food grow, where my mother tongue speaks, where the sun and my skin are in perfect harmony, it is home.

Visiting Sierra Leone is always an easy choice for me to make, especially with views like this calling me back.

Home Going: Why Going Back Home Is The Best Holiday You Can Have.

A lot of my family members hate going back home to Sierra Leone for a vacation. They see it as a land of hardships and struggles, whereas I see it as a land of origins and restoration. They feel that they cannot enjoy Sierra Leone as they are constantly being bombarded by the responsibilities of those still there.

For me, going back home to Sierra Leone is restorative as I am surrounded by people like me, people who speak our language and eat our food. I am surrounded by people who see me for who I really am. As part of the diaspora, I am not tied to the responsibilities of the older generation of Sierra Leonians abroad. I have the freedom to go and come without any of the restrictions.

Going back home means never having to worry about airport transfer or language guidebooks where I learn one or two useful phrases. I never have to look at a map as there are so many people happy to give me directions and I never stand out unless I want to.

That is a freedom only afforded to me when I return home, to choose whether or not I want to be different or the same as everyone else.

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