Beautiful architecture.


Neighbouring city Gaia, just a few minutes walk away.


Stunning views of the city.

Porto Is Not A City But A Feeling

Looking back at photos of this beautiful little city and all the love and excitement that I felt whilst there comes rushing back.

Deciding to visit Porto over Lisbon was not a choice that I made out of prior knowledge of the city but instead was made solely on the amount of time I had. I could not go to Lisbon for just two days as I was afraid that there would be too much to see, whereas Porto was small enough for me to enjoy my two days.

I did not imagine that I would fall in love with this city, but I did. I felt free and at home, as if I had been there before, like I was reuniting with a long lost love.

Now that I’ve found you Porto, I will surely return.

Walking down this street made me feel like a child on my summer break on my way to the beach. I felt so excited just at the sight of the river. I wanted to run down the street and jump in.

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