The Land of Fire and Ice

An introduction to Iceland through my photographic journey. To read more about Iceland, click the buttons below.

Vibrant Landscapes

Driving around Iceland was magnificent as I was given the opportunity to see such beautiful sites. I was able to marvel at the stunning mountains and landscapes that lay ahead.

I couldnt believe what I was seeing. For a country that was always cold, I was suprised at all the greenery.

Beautiful Waterfalls

The waterfalls were my favourite part of Iceland. Now whenever I visit a new country, I compare their waterfalls to that of Iceland.

The views were breath-taking and I was taken aback when given the chance to go behind one of the waterfalls.

I am yet to see a waterfall that compares to those of Iceland.

Must-See Tourist Sites

Seeing the geysers and climbing this mountain was an activity that I didn’t know I would enjoy.

The site brought back my love for hiking and all things outdoors.

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