Day 105: Evens and Odds (part 2)

“I can explain” 15 continued. “It all started with 13.5”.

Every Odd shrieked in despair. 13.5 was never to be mentioned, it was a blasphemed creature that was never meant to exist. It broke every law of civilisation and the Evens had been holding it over the Odds ever since 13.5 was created. It lived on the wall of the attic, chained with both hands raised high. It’s face could not be seen because the attic was always in complete darkness, yet some radiance always came from 13.5’s cell.

No one was allowed near 13.5, not even 27. There are rumours of ancient laws being broken, of Evens and Odds partaking in unspeakable acts and how it led to 13.5.

“I know I shouldn’t have been up there, but 29 was gone and I needed someone to explain it all, so I went to 13…. so I went to the attic” 15 pleaded.

“It is forbidden to go up there”, screamed the newly appointed 31. “No Oddlings are allowed in the attic, you street-bred brat!”

“I’m sorry” cried 15, “but I can explain.”

“Enough of your explanations” 31 continued, “This house is under lockdown, only the search teams will be allowed to in and out of this castle. Do you understand?!”

“Yes 31”, the Odds echoed.

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Day 103: Evens and Odds (part 1)

“It was me.”

She stood up and spoke even louder, “it was me, I did it, it was me”.

But how could it have been her, thought 27. He was there, he saw the whole thing. It’s not possible. How could she possibly have done it? He remembered it all, every time he closed his eyes, he was there again.

Running towards the chateau, blood trailing behind him in the dead of night, with darkness all around him except for the light from the attic window. He could hear the screams catching up to him. With shaking, weak legs, he fell over the….

“I can explain” she interrupted.

All the Evens got up to leave, they knew that this was Odds business, they knew that 32 was right. She always was when it came to the Odds. She had told them from the very first day that Odds could not be trusted.

“I can explain”, 15 continued.

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