Day 26: Fear

Of all the things that life can throw The one that scares me most of all Is to live an unimpactful life To go about my ins and out And not touch a single soul To seek and not find and be left all alone To love and not be loved And heartbreak so familiarContinue reading “Day 26: Fear”

Day 21: Foreclosure

Today’s task is to write about foreclosure. As I know very little about foreclosure, I did what most people would have done, I googled it and decided to use the 2% of knowledge that I’ve acquired to write a poem. Enjoy. They’ve come, they’ve come, they’ve come The bankers have come To take away ourContinue reading “Day 21: Foreclosure”

Day 14: The Found Poem

For the found poem, I opened my copy of Sense and Sensibility and found 10 words to base the poem on. I then spent 2 hours trying to make sense of these words before placing them in the poem below. Alone in the garden, transfixed in a reverie Came memories of paradise that flooded forthContinue reading “Day 14: The Found Poem”

Day 2: An Unrequited Love Poem

Love unrequited Is nought but a plague It makes man doubt their worth As they crave a better understanding Of Love, so pure, so good That brings them face to face with sorrow A craving of acceptance A yearning for approval Increased anticipation Feeds pain and bring no pleasure To love so selflessly Is anContinue reading “Day 2: An Unrequited Love Poem”