Beyond my window lies…

To commence day two of my poetry challenge, I set an alarm on my phone to remember to write the poem. At the allotted time, I looked out of my window in hope of inspiration. However, the words of the Newscaster from the night before echoed in my mind, “the number of domestic violence [internet]Continue reading “Beyond my window lies…”

Poetry Challenge

I recently noticed that it has been a while since I last published a poem on my blog. Therefore, I have decided to do a 7 days poetry challenge staring from today. To kick things off, I thought I’d start with a poem regarding our current situation. Conversation through telephone lines, giving us Opportunities toContinue reading “Poetry Challenge”

Happy Valentine’s Day

For today’s post, I thought I’d share one of my favourite love poems. It’s by the wonderful William Shakespeare, Sonnet 130. I love Sonnet 130 because he describes his mistress in the most realistic way, without exaggerating her beauty, but by writing her as she is. I think this is perfect because we live inContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Day 45: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall Will he catch her if she falls? Or will he play her like a ball? Will he ever make the call? Or will it be free for all? Mirror Mirror on the wall Is he handsome, is he tall? Is he the fairer than them all? Should she wait forContinue reading “Day 45: Mirror Mirror”