Day 47: Dirty

When I think of dirty I think of being young and free, that is the only time when I was truly dirty! I remember in primary school we used to dig up the earth. We would spend all of break and most of lunch time digging, like we were archaeologists. Digging into the dirt withContinue reading “Day 47: Dirty”

Day 41: What You Don’t Know

When I was younger, I used to hate secrets. I used to hate keeping secrets and hated it even more when secrets were kept from me. I used to want to know everything about everyone, and once I knew I had to share it. To be frank, I was a gossip. But not just forContinue reading “Day 41: What You Don’t Know”

Day 40: Car Keys

I remember passing my driving test. I was so nervous because I had previously failed a year ago. The one year hiatus wasn’t because I was afraid to get back behind the wheels, but because I moved countries and didn’t want the hassle of starting all over again in a new country. I remember givingContinue reading “Day 40: Car Keys”

Day 37: Puzzle

Today I was assigned the topic: puzzle. My first plan was to write about my love for online puzzle games, but then I thought no. My second plan was to write about the last time I put together a puzzle, which was with a 2 year old and I got some pieces wrong. My thirdContinue reading “Day 37: Puzzle”

Day 31: The Teacher

One of my most inspiration teachers that I’ve ever had was Nadia. Nadia was my English Literature teacher when I was in year 12. She was the most eccentric and enthusiastic teacher I’ve ever had. Nadia loved books, and she loved teaching about books, and most importantly she had human interactions with books. By humanContinue reading “Day 31: The Teacher”