Day 300: Reflections

So it’s been 300 days since I started my blog! 300 days since the start of this year, and only 65 days left for the rest of the year. As I’m looking at my goals and adding to the backlog of things I want to achieve, I can’t help but reflect on all the thingsContinue reading “Day 300: Reflections”

Day 200: Celebration Post

This is my 200th day of blogging!! Yay!!! I am so happy and sad to be at day 200. I’m happy because of how far I’ve come and how proud I am of myself. I’m sad because it means I’m more than halfway through the year and I haven’t achieved half the things I wantedContinue reading “Day 200: Celebration Post”

Day 100: So far so good.

Today is day 100 of my blogging challenge and I am so happy that I’ve made it this far! Finding the time to write everyday has not been easy but it has been fun and enjoyable. At first it felt like a chore but now it’s become part of who I am. Here are aContinue reading “Day 100: So far so good.”

January Update

It has been 1 whole month of blogging, and I am so happy to have consistently written every day. It has been an amazing month of writting, pushing myself and more importantly being able to expressive myself. I would like to thank everyone who reads and follows my blog. Thank you for your support. IContinue reading “January Update”