She parked the car just at the edge of the forest. She sat in her car after turning the engine off, wondering if this was truly what she wanted to do. She remembered the conversation she had had with Tibi last night, his disappointment and frustration at her for the choice she was making. “WhyContinue reading “Erased”

Nature’s Call

One of the best things that has happened due to lockdown is that I am able to spend more time with nature. I have been able to discover places in my local area that are filled with lush greeneries and even some body of water. Living in London usually contains the hurry and bustle ofContinue reading “Nature’s Call”

Day 49: The Stars

The stars were perfectly aligned, for what, I had no clue. I could feel it, I could feel something rising within me. I could feel it in the air, all around me. It’s been like this for a while now, something in the air. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for so long that I couldContinue reading “Day 49: The Stars”

Day 48: Light Switch

I stood by the door way looking in, seeing the shadows of all that was there before. This was once my favourite room, so full of energy and people. When I was younger we would have the most fabulous parties, free flowing champagne, music and games. I remember when Elaine gained her promotion and weContinue reading “Day 48: Light Switch”

Day 44: Nothing

I looked about me as my eyes seem to have malfunctioned, for all I saw was darkness. I found it hard to believe that my eyes were open, and yet here I was, eyes wide open and seeing nothing, no light, no shadows, just complete darkness. The only way I knew my eyes were openContinue reading “Day 44: Nothing”