Day 3: The Vessel

What defines a vessel better than our hallow flesh, that carries us through time and trials. It has no captain but our minds, that direct its every move. I’ve read that from the 2nd week of conception, our skins have already been set. Our DNA would have already assigned us skin tones before we evenContinue reading “Day 3: The Vessel”

Day 2: An Unrequited Love Poem

Love unrequited Is nought but a plague It makes man doubt their worth As they crave a better understanding Of Love, so pure, so good That brings them face to face with sorrow A craving of acceptance A yearning for approval Increased anticipation Feeds pain and bring no pleasure To love so selflessly Is anContinue reading “Day 2: An Unrequited Love Poem”

Day 1: Outside the Window

The New Year’s winter morning is warmer than most, by far the warmest I’ve felt all year round. There is no cold, chilling breeze and the frost flakes that usually grace our January mornings have been reported missing. Despite this, the trees still stand tall, almost victorious at the prospect of survival during these winterContinue reading “Day 1: Outside the Window”