Day 356: Eleanor Roosevelt

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with Eleanor Roosevelt quotes. I lived on her quotes, I reacted them in my head over and over again, each time I faced adversity. So today I just wanted to share some of my favourite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes. “No one can make you feel inferior without yourContinue reading “Day 356: Eleanor Roosevelt”

Day 355: Speech of the Day

One of my favourite speeches is the one given by Queen Elizabeth I at Tilbury. The Spanish Armada was making its way to England and the English troops were taking up arms. Most of them fearful as the Spanish were known for their naval prowess. In line with British Royalty, Queen Elizabeth went to meetContinue reading “Day 355: Speech of the Day”

Day 354: The Lion King

Last night I was able to watch the theatre production of The Lion King and it was amazing. The cast and crew were just magnificent. The music was wonderful, the plot was true to the original story, and each scene brought both excitement and nostalgia. I dislike the fact that there was a no picturesContinue reading “Day 354: The Lion King”

Day 353: ‘Twas the Day

Twas the day before Saturday when all through the office Not a creature was working, not even the bosses. The laptops were closed and the chairs unused, In hope that the day, would soon be misused. The staff were all nestled, chatting in the kitchen With conversations of Christmas, family and roast chicken. Thank youContinue reading “Day 353: ‘Twas the Day”

Day 352: Tree

It stood in all it’s grandeur. Every branch at attention, ready for their next order. They extended out to reach the furthest corners of the room, the whole room graced with it’s presence. The branches outnumbered my thoughts, brining my counting to a halt Each surface of the tree was covered in lights or decorations.Continue reading “Day 352: Tree”