Day 252: Alliteration

Absolutely accepting an abandonment

Bringing back bitter beginnings

Captured carefully, conspired calculations

Determined douchebag, dangerously

Effective, eliminated easily each

Fear, feeling freedom from failure,

Gaining generosity, gracefully granting

Her happiness, harvesting her hardwork,

Imaginations in idealism identifying

Joy, justice, judgement, joining

Kisses, kindness, kingdom

Love, longing, leaving learning

Mindfulness, marriages’ memory

Naked and naive, needfully negligent.

Thank you for reading.

Day 251: God Laughed

They say if you want to make God laugh, you should tell him your plans.

I am a planner, I plan everything, whether consciously or unconsciously. I always have an idea in my head of how things should go. I also always let God know what my plans are, I always give him advance notice.

These last few weeks I’ve made plans, detailed plans of how I wanted things to go. And God being so good, He made sure that they all happened, just not in the way that I planned.

Honestly, I find it hilarious, because my best laid out plans didn’t go according to plan. The actions themselves happened just not by the people I thought would execute those actions. It has definitely been a fun few weeks, laughing with God.

Thank you for reading.

Day 250: As it was

She sat by her desk and began to write. Her goal was to write it all on paper, to leave no stone unturned. She knew that she had to get all her feelings and emotions down on paper before she exploded, before she said something she ought to have kept to herself.

She wondered if she’d ever say those things out loud, if there will ever be an opportunity to do so. She played the events in her head over and over again, each time questioning her own actions, her motives, her reactions. She had so many things she could have said and done in hindsight. She knew it was a dangerous train of thoughts, dwelling in what ifs and what could have been. She knew she had to focus on the task at hand, writing it all down, as it was.

Thank you for reading.

Day 249: Poem of the Day

BY Lord Alfred Tennyson
Late, late, so late! and dark the night and chill!
Late, late, so late! but we can enter still.
Too late, too late! ye cannot enter now.
No light had we: for that we do repent;
And learning this, the bridegroom will relent.
Too late, too late! ye cannot enter now.
No light: so late! and dark and chill the night!
O, let us in, that we may find the light!
Too late, too late: ye cannot enter now.
Have we not heard the bridegroom is so sweet?
O, let us in, tho’ late, to kiss his feet!
No, no, too late! ye cannot enter now.”

Thank you for reading.

Day 248: What are you Hiding?

What are you hiding my sweet child?

What’s behind the wall you’ve built?

Why have you dressed in suited armour?

What happened to the laughter and smiles?

Why do you carry the bottle around?

Afraid to grow up and be a man?

What hurt and pain weight you down?

Why are you afraid to let it go?

What happened to our midnight walks?

With conversations and warm embraces?

Why do you hide behind the facade?

Why can you no longer be yourself?

What are you hiding my sweet child?

Thank you for reading.

Day 247: Milestone

One habit that I’ve been trying to adopt is setting monthly goals and reviewing them weekly. For the month of August I failed to do my weekly review of my goals despite my calendar reminders. However I was able to do a whole month review today.

Although I haven’t achieved all the things I wanted to in August, I was able to achieve things that I didn’t even know I wanted to achieve. August has been a great month, one of learning and growing.

Today, as I was writing my goals for the month of September I’ve realised that I’ve achieved key milestones in my life these last few weeks. Things I didn’t think I could achieve. Right now I am on cloud nine and cannot wait to start working on achieving September’s goals.

Thank you for reading.

Day 246: Ping Pong

And there they went, back and forth, back and forth and again. It was as if the ball was a boomerang, always returning to sender. It was like a symphony being played on a mini tennis court. My head was moving so much I thought that I might break my neck. I just couldn’t get enough. It was wonderful.

The ball was glow in the dark as was the table and ping pong rackets. It was like a magic show. I knew I had to get some of the action. I mean I sucked at it but still wanted to play. With 4 glasses of wine in me, it’d be a miracle if I did anything other than loose. And a miracle it was!

Thank you for reading.

Day 245: Unspoken

The secret glances and heavy sighs

The nerves that can’t be overcome

The conversations missed out on

The silent meals eaten apart

The stolen touches freely given

The longing heart for unspoken words

Thank you for reading.

Day 244: Consistent

I love consistent people! I love knowing exactly what to expect with people and how they’d react. I love being consistent and predictable. M friends know me well enough to know exactly how I’ll react to something because I’m consistent.

I was going to write a rant about inconsistent people but instead chose a more positive route. This post is dedicated to all the amazing consistent relationships I have in my life. To the wonderful friends who are consistently there for me, supporting, cheering me on and encouraging me. To the insane family that loves me no matter what. I love you all!

Thank you for reading.

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