Day 99: Seasonal

In poetry, spring was always the season of hope, of new beginnings. Spring symbolised new love blossoming, romance and true love and thus was a lot of people’s favourite season.

For me, my favourite season is summer. Whenever the sun is shinning I’m automatically in a better mood. The brighter the sun the brighter my mood. I love hot summers, I mean really hot summers. I love being able to show off my legs and wear beautiful floral dresses. I love going on holiday in the summer because I can fit everything in my backpack as dresses are lightweight.

I love going to cafes and sitting outside in the summer. Picnics in the park, not wearing a cardigan, all the things I love.

For me summer symbolises freedom, because when I was in school, summer holidays were the only time I could be free and do whatever I wanted. Summer means having lunch on the balcony at work.

Summer is high school musical 2 (the best one), it’s going swimming at the local pool, meeting up with friends and having a good time. And for me summer is the gym, it’s the only time of the year that I get a gym membership. Why? Because the weather is so beautiful I actually want to leave my house to exercise.

I love summer!

Thank you for reading.

Day 98: Smile

Today’s poetry is short and sweet

So relax and take a seat

And read the list

Of all the things

That make me smile:

Facebook comments section

Family and Friends

Love stories






Thank you for reading.

Day 96: Fairytales

Today’s task is for me to rewrite a fairytale.

The fairytale I’m choosing to rewrite is The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid lived underwater with her mother, father (the sea king), and her five older sisters. Whenever a mermaid turned fifteen, they were allowed to swim to the surface for the first time to glimpse the world above, and when her sisters turned fifteen, they had all visited the upper world. When they returned they told stories to Ariel about the humans that lived above. Ariel listened and longed for her turn to visit the upper world.

When Ariel turned fifteen, she swam to the surface and witnessed the birthday celebration of a handsome prince on a ship. A raging tempest occurred and Ariel saved the prince from drowning.

Ariel returned home and told her mother everything she had seen. The Queen encouraged Ariel to investigate the storm further as there had not been a storm in their kingdom in over 200 years. Ariel recruited her sisters and some of her friends and to help her in her investigation.

Through their investigation, they uncovered that it had been Ursula the sea witch who had orchestrated the storm as a ploy to trap Ariel into falling in love with the Prince. They also discovered that Ursula had used this same ploy to trick 100s of girls into giving up their voices to the evil sea witch, for men they barely knew.

Ariel and her sisters took everything they had learnt to their father, the King, who was able to imprison Ursula for 1,000 years.

Ariel soon realised that she loved investigating and created the first ever police academy in her kingdom. She used her passion and skills to bring justice and peace of mind to her people.

The end.

Thank you for reading.

Day 95: Adjectives

Today’s tasks is:

Make a list of the first 5 adjectives that pop into your head. Use these 5 words in your story, poem, or journal entry.

Mammoth was the size of his heart

The love he had within was

Immense and deep

but the world was blind to it

Helpless it was without

He who came to love

Lively and free

Was the heart he gave

Obedient he was

In all he did for love.

Thank you for reading.

Day 94: Mountains

I looked ahead at the high mountain that I did not want to climb. I was already exhausted from the walk around the castle and the royal mile. And the parliament tour had soured my mood. This was not what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to go back to the apartment and rest, but here I am.

I looked at it again, gave a heavy sigh and started the climb.

The first 5 minutes were okay, the mountain ahead looked smaller that I first anticipated. It was so beautiful and the rain had ceased and the sun was out. I began to get excitement about the challenge ahead, I was ready for it. I’ve climbed mountains before, and if I could endure it then I should be able to endure it now.

I walked by a beautiful lake and stopped to admire it. I continued on for another 5 minutes before the pain began. It was excruciating, my legs and thighs were sore and heavy. I was ready to turn back and never do this again. I continued on for another 8 minutes before needing to sit down on a rock by the path.

25 minutes and 3 breaks later, I was almost there, almost at the top. The path became more obscured and unclear. There was nothing but rocks around us, so close to the top and there was no way ahead. I knew I had to forge my own path ahead if I were to get to the top.

The next 10 minutes were hard but also fun. I could walk wherever I pleased, creating my own way, finding my own path.

Finally at the top, I could sit and relax. I’ve done it! I’ve conquered my mountain!

Thank you for reading.

Day 93: Capitalism

Capitalism is working everyday to pay bills that only ever increase due to inflation (even though your pay check never inflates).

Capitalism is being told that a degree will get you a good job when all your degree has gotten you is a 50k debt and an ever increasing interest rate.

Capitalism is buying cheap clothes online that you’ll only wear once even though the poor children in Bangladesh only got paid pennies for making 30 of them in a day.

Capitalism is the potion we’ve all drank and have forgotten how to make the antidote, instead all we do is make more capitalism.

Below is the recipe to the capitalism potion:

Ingredients required:

  • Greed
  • Lack of Morals
  • Easily fooled masses
  • A circular system of debt
  • Celebrities that endorse and sell capitalism through their “branding”
  • Objects made in factories by poor children in foreign countries
  • Lots of cheap single use items
  • Sleeping society


  • Fetch a huge cauldron of greed, the largest one you can find.
  • Add a sheep skin’s worth of easily fool masses
  • Stir slowly on a fire of the sleeping society.
  • As you stir, don’t forget to add all the objects made by poor children in third world countries.
  • Next find the celebrities who endorses the most capitalist ideals and give them all your attention, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, everything you got. Use it to distract you from the lives that those children may live or their lack of education or the system you are supporting through your purchases and endorsements.
  • Add a pound of circular debt system, mix it right in. It is essential that it is well mixed for the potion to work.
  • The final ingredient is lack of accountability and ownership. Repeat these words 5 times as you mix the potion “it’s not that bad.”

And voila, here we are. The potion is working as perfectly as ever.

Thank you for reading.

Day 92: Rain

The first match had ended and the rain had begun. We hadn’t started off to a good start and none of us had ever played in the dark before. The cold winter evening was invading the spring afternoon that we had had earlier. We were already losing by 13 after one match but we were adamant to turn it around. Neither the dark nor the rain could stop us.

We started the second match as the rain continued to pour down. It had began to intensified as the minutes rolled by. We were playing better as a team, scoring more. With each increase in the score, the rain too would increase. We didn’t know who our opponents were, the tiny giants or the rain.

Although we hadn’t caught up by match three, the rain, however had overtaken us. It was clear to see who the real enemy was. The rain was soon joined by a team of its own, hail and cold wind. The three were unstoppable. Our clothes were drenched in rain, shoes soaked all the way through. Our hairs were unrecognisable. Seeing the distress on the court, the umpire gave us a choice, continue on or end the match.

With our team opting to continue on, the other team had no choice but to carry on too. The rain had tricked us, gave us the impression that it was about to cease. Oh how wrong we were. The avoidable fourth match was something short of a disaster, tempers flared, umpires yawned, opponents bitched and some even fell on the cold wet concrete floor. It was time for it to end. The end score? No one knows. Did we win? Not even close.

Thank you for reading.

Day 91: Family Heirloom

It been in the family for generations. Each ancestor has added to it for as long as we can count back. From the very first of our clan to the present day tribe, we have all contributed to it. It’s our greatest wealth.

I have come face to face with it on so many occasions that it’s impossible to count. As I grew older my awareness of it became more apparent. I now have it every single day and notice it all the more, and most importantly, I practice it as well.

Each family has its own heirloom, some have royalty that is passed on from generation to generation, crowns worn, wars fought and kingdoms won. Other families have sentimental items, rings worn by great grandmothers through trying times, prejudice and discrimination. Items that remind them of who they are and where they’ve come from.

Our family heirloom is none of those things. Ours is the only thing we’ve been able to hold on to. Ours does not age but it does increase in value. It doesn’t contain royal blood but it has won kingdoms and battles. Ours is simple. Ours is love.

Thank you for reading

Day 90: Green Thumb

Spring is the perfect season for gardening, and this spring I have big plans. Last year I was able to grow some magnificent corn in my back garden (pictured below). This year I’m planning on growing some flowers, herbs, corn, potatoes and even strawberries (still up for debate).

I bought a wonderful book called Grow all you can eat in 3 square feet. It has all I need to know about gardening, from preparing the soil, to when to grow, to the kind of surface needed for the plant.

Here’s to a fruitful season of gardening.

Thank you for reading.

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