Day 229: Half Birthday

I don’t remember what chick flick or teen romance book it was that introduced me to half birthdays, but it is a philosophy I live by. August 18th is officially my half birthday, 6 months from my last birthday and 6 months to my next one. It’s a day I get to celebrate and revaluate my goals and see if they’re still relevant. its a day of reflection and refocusing.

This year I spent my half birthday on a solo weekend trip to Europe (blog post to follow). I got to spend the weekend resting and eating good food. There was a lot of Netflix and puzzles involved and honestly it’s been my favourite half birthday so far. I am so thankful for all the people in my life and where I’m going. It’s been a great weekend and I’m looking forward to the next 6 months being just as great!!

Happy half birthday to me!

Thank you for reading.

Day 228: Wanderer

He walked about with no specific purpose, his only goal was to explore. He had been wandering this city for days now and each day he would find something new. A new path or shop he hadn’t seen before, or a new aspect of his personality. Today he discovered a chocolate shop tucked in the corner of a little street. He knew he had to go in and buy something. He also discovered that he hated history museums, they were dull and un-entertaining.

He loved the way it felt, just walking aimlessly, nowhere to go, no timetables or scheduled. Instead he listened to his body, he would eat when he felt hungry, regardless of the time, he rested when he felt tired and he drank when he felt thirsty. There were no rules for him, just himself wandering the world.

Thank you for reading.

Day 227: Breakfast

So I’m in bed trying to plan my meals for tomorrow. I’m surprisingly relaxed for someone who usually knows exactly what she going to have for every meal. I usually plan my work lunches 4 weeks in advance, because that’s just who I am. It’s past midnight in my time zone and I’ve spent over 1 hour googling cafes and brunch places to eat.

I love breakfast because it sets the pace for the rest of the day. That’s why I always go for porridge, that way I start the day right and healthy, ready for the work ahead. But since I’m in holiday I want to be a bit more adventurous and eat some pancakes, or crumpets, or waffles or eggs or all of the above.

I’m gonna go to bed and just let my stomach decide in the morning.

Thank you for reading.

Day 226: Friendship

There are those who lack an understanding

Of what true friendships really means

Those who dismiss and disregard

Your voice and all your contributions

There are those who make no effort

But expect all the rewards of friendships

Those who never defend you

But make cruel and hurtful jokes

Those who dismiss your concerns

Those you don’t consider friends.

There are those who stand by you

And love and laugh and cry with you

Those who you never see anymore

But stay in your life despite the distance

Those who know your thoughts so well

Without you saying a word

There are those you’d do anything for

Those whose happiness fills you with joy

Those you walk down the isle behind

Those you call your friends.

Thank you for reading

Day 225: Focus

She knew she had to keep her eye on the prize. She had to set her gaze on her goal, that was the only way she could make it out. She was restless, hungry and annoyed. She was frustrated that she had not managed to escape. She’d thought she’d be far gone by now, off to some exotic country, doing what she loved. But unfortunately that was not the hand she was dealt. Instead she continued to push forward despite her struggle, in-spite of her desperation.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, tuning out the noise of all those around her. Those with no true focus, those without priorities. She tuned out the Debby-downers and the doubters, the settlers and the nay-sayers, she blocked it all out. She opened her eyes and carried on, striving, fighting, aspiring.

Thank you for reading.

Day 224: Hierarchy

At the top sits the boss

The one with all the power

Never concerned with

the works of those below

And then there’s middle

Those who keep the masses in line

To make the vision of the top

Into rules for those at the bottom

Rules they never have to follow

Rules they ignore and change at will

And then there’s us

The ones who grovel and slave

To barely make enough

To last the month to come

The ones with debt to pay

Thank you for reading.

Day 223: Afternoon Naps

An activity that I’ve found myself becoming reacquainted with is afternoon naps. I come home from work, eat dinner and then take a power nap. The only issue is I don’t want to wake up after, but when I finally do wake up after several snoozes, it feels so great. Afternoon naps have so many benefits, such as:

  • Provides a memory boost – studies show that if you nap for 10-30 minutes a day your cognitive performance for memory increases.
  • Lowers blood pressure – although I’m at no risk of high blood pressure right now, it’s good to know that my naps got it covered.
  • Calms your nervesdefinitely true, whenever I’m going through something difficult, a good nap always gives me perspective and direction.
  • Improves alertness – this will be my argument for why we should be allowed to nap at work.
  • Enhances creativityanother argument point for workplace napping.
  • Boosts willpower – naps improve your focus and therefore boosts your willpower. So whenever you feel like giving in, take a nap.
  • It’s better than coffee – as someone who gave up coffee a year ago, it’s good to know that napping improves performance in ways that coffee cannot.

So whatever you’re going through today, take a nap.

Thank you for reading.

Day 222: Fashion

My favourite style of all time is floral print. I love floral print for fashion, hand cream, decorating, as a mood and the actual plants on my desk.

For me it is a print that brightens up my day, from tops to endless dresses, it is a necessary constant for my wardrobe and space. I prefer the bolder and bigger floral patterns to the smaller ones. And I prefer the darker colours and brighter colours to the soft pastel colours.

This will be welcomed in my home as either wallpaper or a dress or jumpsuit. The flowers are big with dark backgrounds contrasting against the soft subtle colours of the flowers.

This will not be welcomed in my home as it reminds me of a retirement home. The colours are boring and dull and it makes me want to look away.

Thank you for reading.

Day 221: Rule of 3

  • Does it make me happy?
  • Does it make me better?
  • Does it make me money?

A long time ago, these were the 3 rules that I lived by. Everything I did had to meet at least one of the 3 requirements, and it was great. My life was less stressful and much more exciting.

Does it make me happy?

This was my favourite of the three, this was what led to my wardrobe being the size that it is today. I could freely buy what I wanted because it made me feel good. I wonder how I always had enough money to survive each day.

Does it make me better?

There were times when I was tasked with an activity that I hated, but it made me better. It made me more compassionate, or allowed me to learn a new skill. It benefitted another individual in a positive way, and therefore made me a better person.

Does it make me money?

This seems to be my main focus in life right now. How can I get more money? With so many responsibilities, bills and student loans, I rarely make it to the end of the month with money in my account. I seem to be chasing money which in turn seems to be playing hide and seek with me.

I need to bring back balance into my life with these 3 questions. I need to do more of what makes me happy, more of what makes me better and less of what makes me money.

Thank you for reading.

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