Semester 2 Update

Semester 2 of my PhD officially ended at the end of March. But as most PhD students will tell you, that does not mean a break from my research. I still have a thousand and one things to do, and an impending deadline this Friday. However, I have to say, I am still very much enjoying my research and even the hard and stressful moments still bring some joy to my life.

The highlights for semester 2 were:

  • I wrote and submitted 4,500 out of 80,000 words for my thesis. 4,500 is not a lot of words when compared to 80,000, however, I am still very proud of my accomplishment and the feedback that I received.
  • I was able to present at Book Group a book that inspired my research. This led to an hour of questions about my research and some very insightful discussions.
  • I revamped my social media to reflect my new life in academia. It was actually really fun to transform my LinkedIn page and to create a new twitter account as well as a ResearchGate account. Academic twitter is a world of its own.

Things I’m looking forward to in semester 3:

  • Doing some more writing and finishing chapter one of my thesis. This will mean 11,000 out of 80,000 completed.
  • Actually setting foot on campus, at least once, this academic year. As much as I love my room, I do miss other people and actually seeing their faces without a computer screen.
  • Finishing year 1 of my PhD with as much (if not more) enthusiasm and motivation as when I started.

Thank you for reading.

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