Amongst the Dead Things

When it all began

You were so vibrant and colourful

Bright greens and blinding yellows

You stood so majestic

Facing the shinning sun

Within months you began to whither

All your flowers faded away

The old leaves slowly died

Before long new life began

No longer did you bloom

But green leaves grew firm

They stood as if they always were

After long I forgot

The flowers that once were

All I knew were the striving leaves

Then summer came

The months of harvest

But all you did was die

You were burnt out

All the green changed to brown

No amount of water could bring you back

I soon gave up

Watered you only in passing

Paid no attention to your development

The greens slowly returned

And with them came the flowers

Flowers I had not seen since 2019

Flowers that are brighter than I remembered

Flowers that defy the cold dark winter

Flowers amongst the dead things.

Thank you for reading.

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